Friday, April 2, 2010

ULTHERA Non-Surgical Face Lift

The new ULTHERA machine using high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU for TISSUE TIGHTENING has arrived on our shores and of course, I voluntered to give it a try. I was the perfect candidate for it being 40-something with a little sag in the jowls and due for my second Thermage treatment this year. No fear felt, thinking it would be like a Thermage session with  heat, the technician started with my under chin and jawline area. The sensation felt like little pins and needles scratching on my skin but overall it was pretty tolerable. Then we tried on some patients, and it turned out they felt more comfortable with Ultherapy then Thermage. 1 patient even fell asleep! Both patients felt they could see the effect on their lower face immediately. Now this is amazing as lower facial sag and laxity is one of the most difficult problems treat. Many treatments before this including Thermage still could not tackle this area very satisfactorily. So my interesting is new technology and treatment called ULTHERAPY is piqued.

Two days later, I could still feel the pain and tenderness( or soreness) especially along the jawline. It even disturbed my sleep a little but, no panino gain, right? . And  I think I could actually 'feel'my collagen contracting (if there is such a thing) and the skin tightening up! Whatever it is, there's still hope for us without surgery........

We have conducted several Ulthera treatments since then and I must say, the results are pretty impressive. Most of our patients who underwent it saw the "lift" effect immediately after! The treatment was also tolerable and not very painful to them. In fact I think less people cringe at the discomfort then I see with Thermage. Best for those above 35yrs wanting to arrest the effects of gravity's downward pull and strenghten skin against sagging, this NO DOWNTIME procedure works on the SMAS layer of facial skin which is the layer that holds everything UP!

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  1. It's been almost 3months since my Ulthera treatment. First there was pain, then 4 weeks of soreness and numbness and now....I think my jowls are less and my slightly saggy chin skin is almost disspaeared. This equipment seems to give better results then thermage. If only we could do something about the pain during treatment, it would be wonderful.
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  2. Hi Doc, how much would treatment cost for eyelid lift with Ulthera?

  3. For prices and charges, please contact En-Hanze Aethetics Centre at 1300-88-1788.

  4. Hai Doc, how much does it cost to lift sagging facial

  5. Ultheraphy Skin Treatment is onae of good method for skin tratment. I think now this method become more popular than several years ago.

  6. Ultherapy is currently one of the more popular treatments for non-surgical, no downtime skin lifting and tightening treatments available worldwide.